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    Akron S.r.l., Italian company operating in biotechnology applied on the zootechnical, on the agronomical and on theenvironment, was created in 1993. Our aim is to discover, develop and launch marketing techniques and innovative products based on biotechnological processes entirely compatible with the environment and appropriate support to the employer whether operating in the zootechnical agronomic or the environment area, to achieve food security or actions environmental protection, in full respect for nature, very well accepted by the market and economically viableIn these few years, we brought an importantcontribution to the development and the affirmation of the concept of PROBIOSIS, intended to use direct or mediated bacteria and fungi, for chemicals with the same purpose, to improve the animals and plants trophic processes eliminating or alleviating the negative effects that the various agents of stress that both bioticabiotic can determine on them.

    Our mission is to investigate and develop new opportunities arising from the progress of application knowledge that our lab strives to obtain, in constant study of what micro-organisms are capable of doing. The results of our efforts will translate into new products and technology solutions that areoffered to the world and environmental agro-zootechnical so that operators can achieve operational goals of excellence in safety and with the guarantee of certain results AKRON S.r.l., has invested substantial financial and human resources in setting up a new production unit and in chemical and microbiological laboratories, in order to develop and produce increasingly innovative and responding to the needs a modern and competitive agriculture and animal husbandry AKRON S.r.l works with skill and passion, and although is a Company with a strong scientific connotation and applied research, we have not forgotten anything, in terms of production, because the total quality becomes the primary objective of AKRON S.r.l.The whole process including the design phase, production and all those other stages, we call service (logistics, sales, support, information) are constantly monitored and updated so that it can not give rise to differences than previously expected. A great effort has also been placed in the search for high quality and reliability of our products. All stages of development andproduction are subject to stringent control measures designed to eliminate anymargin of error and to provide the customer the maximum safe use. This action in the constant quest for quality, which began in 2005 with the certification of production processes issued by the German QS, received recently, a further important recognition with the ISO 9001-2000 IQNet certification issued by the most important organization QualityAustria, an Austrian control. Currently, we have a daily production capacity of 3,000 liters of fermented product, with 4 liquid fermenters in various capacities, allowing extreme flexibility productive. We are developing a fermenter capacity of 3 m3for the realization of state solid fermented dedicated to the production of specialty to be used in the production of biogas and in animal feed in order to use the most of by-products resulting from the production of bioethanol (distillers).Our practical objective, therefore, is to be known from the field of zootechnical and agricultural production as suppliers of fisio-nutritional specialty highly innovative and reliable suppliers of services and highly skilled and qualified.The motto that distinguishes us is:

    RESEARCH KNOWLEDGE application  for a Biotechnology according with Nature