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    Drying and healing powder for  the feet, hooves and udders

    HAPPY HOOF POWDER is a strong and easily adheres product in the form of powder . Cycatril is designed for use in the treatment of diseases of the feet ,the establishment of dressings and spreads hoof surface after correction performed. Healing action of the product is also used for all kinds of skin irritations and abrasions (especially in the groin area).
    HAPPY HOOF POWDER  is specially selected combination of zinc salts, herbal extracts and essential oils and pharmaceutical talc. 
    Used in the CHAPPY HOOF POWDER  zinc oxide has a protect and astringent properties and has light antibacterial effect and accelerates wound healing. It shows, like other zinc salts three actions: astringent (adstringens), disinfectants (antisepticum) and drying (exsiccantium). While zinc chloride exhibits antibacterial activity.
    Thymol is a more powerful antiseptic than phenol or cresol. It is a potent antiseptic, antiviral, antibacterial, antiprotozoan, antimites and antiparasite. Affects suppurative and  anti –purulative. Externally, it is used to disinfect the skin, mucous membranes, wounds and abscesses.
    Carvacrol  is an active ingredient having potent antifungal activity.
    Talk works drying.
    When and how to apply  HAPPY HOOF POWDER
    Typical ulcer with high-risk of falling out of living tissue.Change seems to be healed and in this way is ready to next application of HAPPY HOOF POWDER and wrapped in bandages, which should to be takes off in the next day. In this way, avoided falling out soft tissue and heal wounds within 24 hours!
    < >Disposal: Clean up, disinfected with hydrogen peroxide, then sprinkle HAPPY HOOF POWDER on the places touched by ulcer. Bandage
    The next day, a surprising result: Change is dried and healed. Is ready to use again CHAPPY HOOF POWDER and bandage, to protect the sick hoof against adverse environmental effects.
    Zinc salts, pharmaceutical talc, silica, essential oils and herbal extracts, salicylic acid
    CAS No. 69-72-7/ salicylic acid/Flavis No.08.112          1.500 mg
    CAS No.89-83-8/Tymol/Flavis No.04.0006                           9 mg
    CAS No. 499-75-2/Carvacroll/Flavis No.04.031                    3 mg
    E6 Zinc oxide                                                                    813.000 mg
    E6 Zinc chloride                                                                55.000 mg
    E551b silica                                                                           1.000 mg
    PROPERTIES Heals, soothes irritation Has an astringent, drying, disinfecting action Eliminates inflammation Works antibacterial, bacteriostatic, antiseptic way Is easy to use and work quickly MODE OF USE:
    After cleaning and disinfecting the wound, apply about 60/70gr of powder CYCATRIL and bandage. Repeat the procedure after 24 h for the next three-four days.