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    Aids  treatment   of respiratory  disorders
    Coughing horses and its consequences are a big problem for breeders and horse owners. Particularly at risk are the horses staying most of the day in the stables – as sport horses. The risk can not be completely ruled out, because are too complex causes of disease 
    Coughing is one of the symptoms of pathological conditions of the respiratory system, it means  the respiratory tract and lungs. It is a defense mechanism aimed at the expulsion of excess airway secretions located there. Sometimes this mechanism is triggered unnecessarily – when covering the respiratory epithelium is irritated by external factors. Then the cough is not only beneficial, but also it is harmful because it increases the irritation of the respiratory tract, which increases the cough reflex, and thus a vicious circle
    Respir-a Control is a liquid dietary supplement that should be added to drinking water for animals. It is designed for use in horses in order to improve the overall vitality of the animals, improve the efficiency of the airways and increased bronchial resistance. Especially recommended during periods of increased incidence of respiratory illness during periods of convalescence or animals weakened and vulnerable to disease, inhalation of dust, etc.Raises resistance of the respiratory system, destroys bacteria and viruses and eliminating the secretion of mucus in the airways.
    Your horses respiratory system is fundamental to good horse health…
    Respir-a Control exhibits action: antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, balsamic, immunostimulating.
    Respir-a Control contains in its composition include:
    Menthol  with antiseptic and antibacterial properties supports the treatment of upper respiratory tract infections
    Thymol  is a measure like a strongly antiseptic. Inhibits the development of pathogenic bacteria and  increases the secretion of mucus in the upper respiratory tract. Has a gentle action of spasmolytic and expectorant effect.
    Cineole, contained in the eucalyptus oil, irritates bronchial mucosa and enhances the secretory activity of the respiratory tract, while restoring normal movement of ciliated epithelium. Relaxes bronchial tubes, liquefies the mucous secretions surging, clears sinus collateral and slightly irritating the nasal mucosa triggers a cough reflex.
    Carvacrol  acts antiseptic, cleansing the respiratory tract and stimulates the secretion of mucus and surfactant, prevents the growth of pathogens (such as chlamydia, mycoplasma) in the respiratory tract and gastrointestinal tract, increased local and systemic resistance to infection.
    The ingredients contained in Respir-a Control confirm the possibility of its use as: a preparation to assist respiratory function, covering the mucous membranes, acting expectorant, increasing resistance and blood flow.
    eliminates the broader respiratory infections: kills bacteria
    kills viruses

    eliminates the secretion of mucus in the airways
    relieve cough and strengthens immunity
    has expectorant, antitussive, antiseptic, soothing and protectant properties that combine to relieve annoying, persistent coughs
    Beneficial for coughing due to viral infections, allergies and reactive airway diseases.
    Osmotic water, plant extracts, dextrose, propylene glycol.
    Chemical analysis:
    Moisture 14,00 % Crude protein 0,00 % Crude fat 12,00 % Crude ashes 2,00 % Crude fiber 0,00 % Sodium 0,05 %
    Additives in 1 kg:
    E414 Acacia 30.000 mg
    E433 polyethylene sorbitan monooleate 30.000 mg
    Organoleptic additives: Flavors
    CAS No. 89-78-1/Mentol/Flavis No. 02.015 20.000 mg
    CAS No.89-83-8/Tymol/Flavis No.04.0006  60.000 mg
    CAS No. 470-82-6/Cyneol/Flavis No.03.0001 20.000 mg
    CAS No. 499-75-2/carvacrol/Flavis No.04.031  20.000 mg
    Co 552 Stevia Reubadiana extract2.000 mg
    Mode of use and reccomanded dose
    Top up to the drinking water: 1 liter Respir A / 1000 l of water. Apply for about 4-5 days