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    ORY SEB VOLATILI  25 kg 
    Ory Seb Volatili is a specific product for birds  of every category and age, to be used throughout the rearing period or in  times of particular physiological, environmental and productive stress. Ory Seb volatili combines the “production  enhancement” effect typical of Aspergillus oryzae extracts with the probiotic  actions of specific fractions of bird gut microbial flora. The digestive system plays a fundamental role in  determining
    reared birds production performance and general state of health.  This anatomical/physiological system carries out two main functions: Food  intake and assimilation, Formation and maintenance of a protective barrier  against microbial and viral infections.
    Corn gluten feed,
    products of fermentation of corn meal and  soybean meal with Aspergillus
    oryzae AK7001 (DSM 1862) pasteurized,
    integral crops of Saccharomices cerevisiae  e Kluyveromices fragilis
    stabilized and inactivated, dextrose
    Mode of Use
    Mixing  Ory  Seb Volatili in 100   Kg of feed according to the following doses:
    Broilers 200 – 100  g/100 Kg feed
    Turkeys 200 – 70 g/100 Kg feed
    Laying  Hens 70 – 100 g/100 Kg feed
    Breeders50 – 70 g/100 Kg feed