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    Pollo ANTOX LIQUID                
    Components for 100 ml
    Citric Acid  6  gr
    Potassium Iodide   4.6 mg
    Lactic Acid  2  gr
    Soduim Selenite  78.8 mg
    Vit B1 100  mg
    Vit B2 7.5  mg
    Vit B6 6  mg
    Vit B12 0.6  mg
    Zinc Chloride  320 mg
    Iron Chloride  300 mg
    Magnesium Chloride Hexaydrate  250 mg
    Maganese Chloride  631 mg
    Biotin (2%)    1.5  mg
    Copper Sulfate  32 mg
    Nicotinamide  1  g
    Cobalt Chloride  3.08 mg
    POLLO ANTOX LIQUID has synergistic combination of acids that act mold inhibitor and mold killer, also controls bacterial pathogenesis through gut
    acidification. The yeast extracts provides  a better feed conversion ratio (FCR)  besides stimulating immunological response during physiological and pathogenic stress and vaccinations, POLLO ANTOX LIQUID is given to commercial broilers between 0-35 days increases the serum cholesterol content , dressing yield, organ weights,and cellular immune response (Particularly enhanced for the new Castle Disease antibody titer) in broiler breeders it improves egg production, fertility weight of reproductive organs (Ovary and Testes) and hatchability by reducing
    embryonic mortality particularly in alflatoxin affected birds. Live yeast replaces the harmful bacteria patches by competitive exclusion method (CEM)
    particularly during and after antibiotic treatment M.O.S. ( Mannan Oligosaccharides) is a potent prebiotic , wide-spectrum mycotoxin and bacterial
    toxin binder.
    Mode of use 
    1.5 ml per 1 liter of drinking water, continuously for 3-5 days every month.
    1 ml per 1 liter of drinking water, continuously for 5-7 days.