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  • Pollo Toxbind

    Pollo Toxbind
    POLLO TOXBIND is used to inhibit molds and fungus in    feeds and feed raw materials as well as to bind and detoxify the    aflatoxines and T-2 toxins which are considered as economically important
    Components for Kg
    Calcium Formate  3.2%
    Acetic Acid           3.5%
    Sobic Acid            0.4%
    Stric Acid              0.2%
    Calcium  Propionate    8%
    Brewers Yeast      40%
    Bentonite            19.5%

    POLLO TOXBIND binds mycotoxins both in feeds and feed raw materials, extend the storage period of feed, no adsorption of valuable vitamins minerals and amino acids, by regulating the ph of digestive system increases feed efficiency and performance, prevents digestive disorders owing to the mycotoxins, as mycotoxins suppresses the functions of immune system POLLO TOXBIND improved the immune response of vaccines, inhibit the growth of pathogenic e-coli Candida spp & Clostridium app
    Mode of use
    Mix 1 kg per 1 ton of poultry feed.
    Store in a cool and dry place and avoid from the light and heat