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    ADEC Pollo FORTE
    ADEC POLLO FORTE is a liquid oral    vitamin supplement. It is for the treat­ment and prevention of deficiencies    of the vitamins A, D3, E and C.
    It contains very high concentrations of the    components. Has a beneficial effect on most of the features on the    prevention of organic deficiency.
    High     fat-soluble vitamins in order to ensure proper mineralization of    bones and egg shells, metabolic disturbances (regulates the  of minerals metabolism ). Promotes    resistance to the diseases and during stress and strengthens resistance to    infectious diseases
    Components for Lt
    Vitamin A  100.000.000 UI
    Vitamin D3    2.000 000 IU
    Vitamin E            8.000 mg
    Vitamin C          50.000 mg
    B.H.T (V Butylated      hydroxytoluene)   200 mg
    Glycol               10.000 mg
    To counter the effects of calcium deficiency and vitamin D3,particularly in chickens and hens, Reduces susceptibility to infection andincreases resistance to adverse conditions herds rearing , helps to improve theproduction results, regardless of the production profile, with Vitamins E and C
    antioxidant effect on stocks, causing the egg membrane tonic
    Mode of use
    For all types of animals mix 500 g in 1000 liters of drinking water
    Package: 1 Lt and 5 Lt