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    E / Se POLLO is a liquid oral vitamin supplement and contains vitamin E and selenium in order to increase resistance to stress factors related 
    to the change of temperature, diet, and transportation.; Stimulate metabolizmuipreventing the creation of avitaminosis E causes a decrease laying and hatching eggs, muscular dystrophy, softening of the brain, in the case of turkeys andducks round heart disease and abomasum necrosis, supports the growth of theherd assuring proper growth and development of muscles, a positive effect onthe myocardium and liver, blood vessels and epithelia., increases theresistance of birds to bacterial infections and parasitic diseases. Thesynergistic effect of selenium and vitamin E helps to retard the aging process and to accelerate cell regeneration

    Vitamin E                   100.000 mg
    Selenium                          450 mg
    Propylene glycol
    (Propane 1-2 diol)               33 mg
    Glyceryl  Polyethylene Glycol
    Ricinoleate                250.000  mg

    Mode of Use
    For all animals
    100 ml or  200 ml / 1000 Lt of drinking water.