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  • K-200 WS Pollo

    K-200 WS Pollo 
    K-200 WS Pollo
    Water Soluble Powder
    Vitamin K is a cofactor in the post-ribosomal synthesis of clotting factors including factor II (prothrombin, VII (proconvertin), IX (plasma thromboplastin component) and X (Stuart factor), as well as of proteins C and S that are involved in the production and inhibition of thrombin. Vitamin K hypovitaminosis results in hypoprothrombinemia, which in turn leads to prolonged bleedings, large haematomata and the development of severe haemorrhagic anemia and haemolytic jaundice. Menadione (synthetic vitamin K3) is absorbed by diffusion in the distal portions of the small intestine and colon, and metabolized to the diol (hydroquinone) form and excreted as glucuronide and sulphate conjugates.
    Components for Kg
    Vitamin K 200.000  mg
    Carrier ad  up to    1 kg
    K-200 WS Pollo is indicated in the treatment and prevention of haemorrhages associated with vitamin K deficiency or intestinal parasitic infections such as coccidiosis, and as an antagonist for anticoagulant poisoning (e.g. due to rodenticide toxicity, sweet clover poisoning or treatment with sulfaquinoxaline) in calves, cattle, goats, poultry,sheep and swine.
    Mode of use
    For oral administration.
    Calves,  cattle, goats and sheep 1  g per 50 -100 kg body weight for 3 – 21 days.
    Poultry  1  kg per 12,000 litre drinking water for 3 – 21 days.
    Swine  1  kg per 5,000 – 10,000 litre drinking water for 3 – 21 days.