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  • Somato Cell

    Reduction of the big  number of somatic cells
    In the presence of a high number of somatic cells (> to 700,000 / ml), the cause of which may be attributable to a good approximation to toxigenic and non-pathogenic bacteria (In which case you should contact your veterinarian for the choice of drug treatment) Somatocell can make an effective contribution in reducing the causes that are at the basis of ‘increased somatic cell count.
    Its action is twofold:
    1.      On one side stimulates the natural recovery of the mechanical defenses of the cow, which are constituted by the layer of keratin that lining the teat canal and which play an effective bulwark to the development of environmental bacterial cells. In the course of the inflammatory process, that is established as a result of the reaction of the breast tissue to the presence of toxigenic germs, the layer of keratin flakes, and the teat canal remains almost entirely without losing its capacitance contrast against external environmental bacteria. Somatocell, thanks of lenitive action of its components plant reduces inflammation and restores the ability of cells keratin to produce again the protection layer.
    2.      From other side stimulates the immune system of the animal, compromised as a result of the inflammatory state improving the production of non-specific immunoglobulins (IgA), lactoferrin, of lysozyme and peroxidase, all these elements that constitute the system for cellular defense of udder tissue.
    – In addition to these two types of mechanisms Somatocell plays a inhibitory action on bacterial growth supported by the metabolites resulting from the metabolism of compounds present in plant extracts. These metabolites are excreted by the excretory organs (kidneys along with the udder is one of the main excretory organs of ‘animal). Their presence in the blood exudates favors’ action to contain the growth of germs.
    By virtue of these mechanisms action Somatocell is able to give an appreciable contribution to the maintenance of bacterial cells within physiological limits even in the presence of inflammatory states caused by germs environmental toxigenic.
    The composition of plant extracts stabilizes the number of somatic cells, supports the immune system and improves digestion.
    Administer 100 g of SOMATOCELL per animal, in cows with more than 1 million of somatic cells, repeat the treatment, as needed, the next day. For the long result is advised to use AKRO CELL for next 15-20 days.