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    EASY DRY LIQUID 500 ml

    Easy Dry is nieantybiotykowym formulation used in cows in the dry  period. Effect of the preparation consists of: • involution of the udder.  Allows the correct reproduction of involution and udders. Avoid inflammations  and safe return to lactation. Determines the closing up of the teats. •  keratinization teat. Is to create a mechanical barrier preventing teat canal  penetration by microorganisms inside lists. • Activation of the immune  system, maintaining the natural resistance of antimicrobial function.  Exhibits anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral. • blocking a prolactin
    inhibition of prolactin secretion is related to both direct effects on  prolactin-producing cells, or indirectly, by stimulating the release of the
    inhibitory factor of production – PIF (Prolacting Factor Inhibitors).  Inhibition of prolactin secretion results in a rapid cessation of lactation  and
    decrease the size of the mammary gland. Dizionario.

    Osmotic water, propylene  glycol, dextrin, wheat flour and soybean meal with Aspergillus oryzae  hydrolysed AK 7001 (DSM 1862), mono sodium
    phosphate, sodium chloride.  Technological additives: Preservatives: E201 Sodium sorbate 5.00 mg.  ORGANOLEPTIC EXTRAS: Flavors: CoE552 anthenis nobilis extract 1000 mg, Co552  extract of Stevia Reubadiana 2.000 mg.

    Mode of Use
    Dairy cows: 1 bottle (500 ml) Easy Dry to mouth on the  first day zasuszania.
    If you need to dilute the product with 2-3 liters of  water. If necessary, repeat the dose the next day.
    Sheep and goats 100 ml Easy Dry to mouth on the first day  zasuszania. If necessary, repeat the dose the next day