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    First 100 days of  lactation are fundamental for the milk production both in current lactation  and in following ones. Nutritional and metabolic disorders in cow after  calving (chetose, acidose, calving fever rumen dislocations, etc.).) are the  main reasons of cows eliminations and contribute
    to increase reproductive  problems. To suit quickly rumen activity to new ruminal conditions due to  increasing nutritional needs after calving and to
    increase dry-stuff swallowing  can considerably reduce metabolic disorders in cow after calving. At the  calving, cow mast quickly change from an essentially fibrose diet, typical in  dry period, to a rich energy diet in order to support the great weast of  energy in request from the production of big amount of milk. The rapid  increase in diet energy concentration, predisposes cow to phenomena of ruminal  acidose, meteorism and other metabolic pathologies related to ruminal  disorders. Research showed that the use of Aspergillus oryzae extracts, rich  in secondary metabolits with enzymatic effects, increases fibres utilization  due to cellulosolytic microrganismes, reducing mean while the feed permanence  in rumen. The rapid increase in ruminal emptying helps a higher dry-stuff  swallowing and an higher production of volatile fat acids, source of energy  for ruminants. To these important advantages, we can add that Aspergillus  oryzae extracts bring factors that stimulate lactate utilization by Selenomonas e Megasphera instead of glucose. In this way ruminal pH stays  within physiological limits with great advantages of cow health and, as  consequence, on good productive capacity. In conclusion Faster Start Gel,  promotes appetite, Increases dry-stuff swallowing, Adjusts  quanti-qualitatively ruminal flora to metabolic changes generates from  lactation diets, Decreases ruminal acidose, Decreases problems joined to metabolic  disorders (chetose, dislocations, ruminal block, etc.), Stimulates milk  productions and supports, nutritionally and physiologically, production  increasing.


    Vegetable oils from soy emulsified with osmotic  water, lactose powder, wheat flour liquid and corn starch hydrolyzed with  Aspergillus oryzae AK 7001 (DSM 1862) (Annex 1 Reg. 1831-03), 1,2 propandiol,  glucose.

    Mode of Use
    Dairy Cows: 30 g /  daily of Faster Start Gel immediately after calving or in particular stress  periods. Repeat treatment for the following 2 – 3 days