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    At birth all animals,  ruminants included, have a sterile intestine. Already during the first phases  of calving, when new-born head fits the cervical tube, starts the  colonization of the bacteria which are in mother genitals mucous. Therefore  is very important to have healthy brood female, and microbiologically clean.  In the first 24 – 36 hours after calving the immunological system of young  animal is practically inactive; the only
    immunological defences are the  antibody assumed with mothers colostrums. There is another particular still  quite unknown, the imprinting left by bacteria (good or bad) which get in  touch with intestinal mucous membrane in the first life hours. This  imprinting will be recognized for all animal life: infact this one will never  produce any antibody against bacteria “Known” in the short period immediately  after calving. The importance of a rapid positive bacteria colonization is  very important for a drastic reduction of enteric problems due not only to  calving period but also to the rest of the life.  Imprinting calf gel favours the setting up  of a good lactic and bifid flora, moreover, thanks to metabolits with  enzymatic action, increases meconium utilization and favours employment of  fats and proteins present in mother milk

    Vegetable oils from  soy emulsified with osmotic water,lactose powder , wheat flour liquid and  corn starch hydrolysed with Aspergillus oryzae AK 7001 (DSM 1862) (Annex 1  Reg. 1831-03), 1,2 propandiol, dextrose

    Mode of Use
    2–10 g / daily of  Imprinting Calf Gel after calving and/or in particular stress periods (delivery,  antibiotic treatment, etc.). Repeat treatment for 3-5 following days