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    Biolettiera S
    Organic solid conditioner for the bacteriological control of litter and berths in the holding cattle

    Litter and berths may become a potential source of infection for animals The basis of this danger there is a diminished competitive exclusion exerted by the eutrophic flora, present in the stool, against many potentially pathogenic bacteria. For competitive exclusion we mean the ability possessed by a bacterial symbiotic population structured to block the development of other bacterial species that do not belong to it. In conditions  of decreased action exerted by competitive flora useful, these potential pathogens may establish its own population, which in turn blocks the development of beneficial bacteria in such manner can multiply undisturbed until reaching concentrations numerical extremely high, which may represent a serious threshold of pathogenicity. The sporadic treatment of or bunks with disinfectants may worsen the situation even more, resulting in a drastic reduction in the overall bacteria, cancel the already poor competitive ability of the flora eufita against potential pathogens that arrive to colonize the litter box or bunk.


    BIOLETTIERA S It is a natural product for the care of litter serving health professional management in the barn.
    BIOLETTIERA S establishes in a very short time a very aggressive bacterial population able to colonize the litter box or the entire surface of the cows berth, blocking from the beginning, the development of potentially pathogenic germs. The fermentative activity that is established in the litter allows to keep in a state of optimal efficiency as to increase the well-being of the animals.
    It is an important element in supporting health management systems in livestock buildings!
    Biolettiera S  is in the solid form containing:a bacterial population symbiotic  constituted by selected strains;nutrients to ensure rapid vital  activation;substances with enzyme effect, fermentative derived, capable of ensuring a rapid utilization of any type of substrate Yucca schidigera extract with  high surface-active power
    BIOLETTIERA S regulates the fermentation of manure, slurry and liquid manure. It is a product that stimulates the growth of aerobic micro-organisms (fungi, bacteria, and others), reducing decay processes (anaerobic) occurring both in manure and slurry. Such effects on waste from animal production not only improve the welfare of the animals, but also the quality of fertilizer products of livestock.
    This stimulator reduces the concentration of ammonia in livestock buildings by 30-50%, regardless of the income, which has a positive effect on the microclimate in the barn and the respiratory tract of animals. Processes initiated by the application of the product also help to reduce the temperature of manure. There is  NO therefore a rapid multiplication of in litter bacteria and viruses that cause mastitis in dairy cattle. Therefore reduced number of somatic cells in milk. Another benefit from the use of this biological stimulator is more dry and stable litter, so that there is no fracture and dislocation of the limbs of cattle, as well as prevents bacterial diseases of the hoof.

    BIOLETTIERA S reduces the growth of bacteria

    Excellent water absorption prevents the growth of bacteria on damp surfaces.
    Clean cows +clean udder =better milk quality
    BIOLETTIERA S takes moisture from the faeces, thereby taking care of a dry udder and teats.
    Less fly = higher productivity
    The development of insect larvae will be much reduced and less number of  fly means less stress for the animals and their milk yields higher.

    Better atmosphere in stalls

    BIOLETTIERA S reduces the burden on of climate stalls aggravated by the presence of ammonia stench and disturbed the economy of water in the air, so that people and animals feel instantly better


    Seppiolite, Lithothammium, Absorbing substances, Bacteria (Pseudomonas, Xantomonas, Arthrobacter, B. licheniformis, Cellulosomonas, Micrococcus, Planococcus, Cryptococcus), Enzymes, nucleic acids, extract of Yucca schidigera


    BIOLETTIERA S applied directly on the litter or on the bunks at the rate of 40-50 g pe/ m2 as a intensive  (to be carried out in three divided doses given at a distance of 10 days apart from each other), then once every three weeks at the rate of 20 g/m2.
    To accelerate the activities of microorganisms present it is recommended to dilute the amount of BIOLETTIERA S in warm water (35-40 °C) and let stand for at least 4-6 hours .

    WARNING: Do not use BIOLETTIERA S in conjunction with the use of disinfectants

    A comprehensive in use for calves, pigs, sheep, goats, poultry and horses …
    Dairy cows with permanent bedding
    (dose expressed in grams per m2)
    Training and activation phase                                                                                              
    Maintenance phase
    g 120/m2 to be divided into 2 or 3 times in one month                                    g 20/m2 be distributed in one or two times in one month

    Cows with berths
    (dose expressed in grams per m2)
    Training and activation phase                                                                                              Maintenance phase
    g 300/m2 to be divided into 2 or 3 times in one month                                               g 80/m2 be distributed every three weeks