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    …An exciting new product that combines everything that a new born calf needs to fend off calf scours

    At birth, all animals, including ruminants, are born with sterile intestine. Already during the early stages of calving, that is when the baby’s head turn
    into the cervical canal, begins the phase of colonization by the bacteria that are present on the mucous membrane of the genital organ of the
    mother. This explains importance of having healthy and  microbiologically clean broodmares.
    For the first 24-36 hours after birth the immune system of the young animal remains virtually inactive: the only defense immunology is represented by antibodies made ​​with colostrum of the mother. There is also an aspect still little known, the imprint left by the bacteria, they may be of any kind (positive or negative), which are in contact with the intestinal mucosa in the first few hours of life. This message left by the bacteria will be recognized for life from the animal, so that the latter, for that particular microorganism, with whom he came in contact in the period immediately after delivery, will not produce any type of antibody. The importance of an immediate positive bacterial colonization appears to be the key to the drastic reduction of enteric problems related not only to the period of childbirth, but also for the rest of life.
    IG START promotes establishment of a lactic flora and optimal bifida, also, with the help of metabolic enzymatic action to accelerate utilization of meconium and promotes utilization of fats and proteins present in milk.
    Stimulates the formation from the early hours of the life of a positive flora that opposes the establishment of pathogenic bacteria and viruses. The product does not replace colostrum, but its use is intended to strengthen the body’s newborn calf and protect against diseases newborns.

    Vegetable oils from soy emulsified with osmotic water, Lactose powder , wheat flour liquid and corn starch hydrolysed with Aspergillus oryzae AK 7001 (DSM 1862) (Annex 1 Reg. 1831-03), 1,2 propandiol, Dextrose, Milk Whey Powder, Eg Yolk, Apple Pectine, Lactobacillus Plantarum, Maltodextrine, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Sulphate, Saccharomyces Cerevisiae

    Technological additives: Thickening agent:
    E 551b Colloidal Silica        5.000 mg
    E 414 Acacia                      40.000 mg
    Technological additives: Preservative agent
    E 281 Sodium Propionate    60.000 mg
    E 332 Potassium Citrate      20.000 mg
    E 300 Vitamin C                     10.000 mg  

    Sensory additives: Flavoring
    Vanilla Planfolia CoE 474          300 mg
    Plavis No: 17.034 Gycine       21.000 mg
    CoE 552 Stevia                          1.000 mg

    Nutritional additives: Vitamins and provitamins
    Vitamin B1                  30 mg
    Vitamin B2                  15 mg
    Vitamin B6                  15 mg
    Vitamin B12              100 ug
    Vitamin PP                200 mg

    Directions of Use:  Calves: Administer 50 gr  Lambs: 25 gr orally to calves mixed with milk or water immediately after birth