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    … high energy post-calving drink
    Illness postpartum period cause major financial losses incurred by farmers. Include here: acute inflammation of the uterus, postpartum retention, placenta stopping,   ketosis, foie gras syndrome, abomasum displacement and swelling of the udder.
    Retention of fetal membranes (afterbirth) is observed more frequently in cattle, especially in dairy cattle, than in other animals. Normally a cow’s placenta is expelled within a 12-hour period after calving. If any part of the afterbirth is held for longer periods, it is considered to be pathological or abnormal

    This instant drink is served to improve energy status of dairy cow just after delivery and to stabilise its rumen function.
    How DRINK  Works
    ASPERGILLUS ORYZAE stimulates intestinal function,
    YEAST for the probiotic action on the rumen microorganisms.
    CALCIUM helps prevent milk fever & other metabolic problems
    VITAMINS & TRACE ELEMENTS strengthen immune function
    ELECTROLYTES & WATER effective re-hydration
    DEXTROSE for a rapidly available energy
    WHEY POWDER is a rich source of the amino acid cysteine​​, which cells produce glutathione – detoxifying compound, and lactose which is used as a good source of energy.
    High-energy compounds and VITAMIN PP for the rumen stimulate.
    UREA provides a better environment for the growth of bacteria in the rumen and, indirectly, better cover the protein needs cows. If the conditions are improved for the development of bacteria in the rumen, cow will be better consumed the other components of the feed, in which “help” her just those bacteria. In this way we can increase the effectiveness of the use of feed.

    Quickly restores the health status of cows to normal after calving .
    Hydrates the body and electrolyte supplements
    Prevention from ketosis and subclinical postpartum fever,
    Lovers rumen indigestion, stomach dilatation and dislocation
    Supports energy and mineral metabolism
    Improves environment for rumen micro – flora growth and fermentation functions
    Lovers incidence of post-calving paresis
    Stimulates rumen functions
    Accelerates the regeneration of the body and stimulates the metabolic activity.
    Faster maximum feed intake
    Supports the immune system, affecting the reduction of mastitis

    Dissolve 1 kg of DRINK in 20 liters of warm water and offer warm to the cow immediately after calving.
    Is council to using a pump to administer directly in the rumen. 
    The administration should be carried out immediately after calving!

    Dextrose, whey powder, brewers yeast, lactose, sodium bicarbonate, corn starch and wheat flour hydrolysed with Aspergillus oryzae AK7001 (DSM 1862), calcium carbonate, potassium chloride, sodium chloride, sodium deidrogenoortophosphate, magnesium sulphate, calcium proprionate.

    Additives for KG:
    Organolectic additives: Flavouring – Natural products
    CoE552 stevia extract     5.000 mg
    Nutritional additives: Oligoelements compounds
    E1 Iron (Iron chloride tetrahydrate)   700 mg
    E2 Iodium (potassium iodide)   10 mg
    E3 Cobalt (cobaltsulphate monohydrate)  10 mg
    E4 Copper (copper sulphate pentahydrate)  100 mg
    E5 Manganese (manganese oxide)  850 mg
    E6 Zinc (zinc oxide)   1.000 mg
    Zootecnical additives: Gut flora stabilizer
    Saccharomyces cerevisiae (NCYC-1702)  40 x 109 cfu/g

    Nutritional additives: Vitamins
    E672 Vit. A    1.000.000 UI
    E670 Vit. D3        8.000 UI
    3a700 Vit E           500 mg
    Vit. B1(thiamine Hydrochloride)   60 mg
    Vit B2 (Riboflavin)     50 mg
    Vit B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride)   30 mg
    Vit B12 (Cyancobalamin)   0,600 mg
    Panthotenic acid  200 mg
    Nicotinic Acid (nicotinammide)   2.000 mg
    Choline (cholina chloride)   2.000 mg
    E 300 Vit. C (ascorbic acid) 3.000 mg