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    Water Soluble Powder
    POLLO SUPERTONIC ia a concentrated liquid complementary feeding stuff. Contain vitamins, trace elements, essential amino acids and electrolytes.

    Components for Kg
    Silmarin Milk thistle    2100 mg
    Zinc                               28 mg
    Sorbitol                    40000 mg
    Copper                           10 mg
    Choline chloride        4 000 mg
    Lron                              0.3 mg
    Sodium chloride       10000 mg
    Betaine                     15000 mg
    Carnitine L                15000 mg
    Methonine  DL           5000 mg
    Vitamin  B 1                 100 mg
    Magnesium  SO4      2000 mg
    Vitamin  B12                150 mg
    Vitamin PP                    25 mg
    L  Lysine                    4000 mg
    Lnositol                          20 mg

    POLLO SUPERTONIC is specially designed supplement for broiler, broiler breeders, pullets, layers, Poults and turkeys.Milk thistle is a powerful antioxidant and supports the liver by preventing the depletion of glutathione. Silymarin is the active compound of milk thistle. It is a natural
    liver detoxifier and protects the liver from many industrial toxins.Sorbitol and betaine are lipotropic factor that can increase the metabolism of fatty acid and production of bile salts/acids in the liver. They can also enhance the production of specific digestive enzyme from the intestine and pancreas. The sorbitol, therefore, stimulates nutriments assimilation (especially emulsification of fats and adsorption of fat-soluble vitamins: A, D, K, and E).Choline is necessary for prevention of chickens and turkeys. It is known as a”methyl” donor and transform homocystine to methionine, an important amino acid for poultry. It is also involved in fat metabolism and as a result it is involved in the prevention of the fatty liver syndrome in
    poultry.L-Carnitine help to burn fat while maintaining lean muscle mass.L-Lysine is a aliphatic amino acid which is essential constituent of the diet
    POLLO SUPERTONIC is an ideal hepatoprotective & hepatoregenerative herbal liver conditioner. It guards the liver against various toxins, chemical drugs and toxic effect ofthe feed contaminants & numerous other conditions where the liver isdirectly or indirectly at risk. It helps in rapid regeneration of liver tissues and cells.It stimulates sluggish liver parenchyma cells and restores liverfunctions.It improves feed metabolism and its utilization, which results in better feed conversion, growth and productivity
    Mode of use
    For all types of animals mix 1 cc in 5 liters of drinking water.