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    EASY DRY 300 gr
    Paste –    composition

    Osmotic water, soybean    vegetable oil emulsified, hydrolyzed yeast, malt dextrin,total fermentation broth of Aspergillus    oryzae, mono sodium phosphate, sodium chloride, glucose
    Additives for Kg
    Technological  additives
    Gelling Agent: E551b Colloidal silica  5.000 mg
    Preservatives: E 201 Sodium sorbate 5.000 mg
    Organolectic additives
    FlavouringNatural product botanically defined: CoE552 anthenis nobilis extract 1.000 mg
    Easy Dry is fitoterapic formulation used in cows in the dry period. Effect of the preparation consists of: • involution of the udder. Allows the correct reproduction of involution and udders. Avoid inflammations and safe return to lactation. Determines the closing up of the
    teats. • keratinization teat. Is to create a mechanical barrier preventing teat canal penetration by microorganisms inside lists. • Activation of the immune system, maintaining the natural resistance of antimicrobial function. Exhibits anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral. • blocking a prolactin inhibition of prolactin secretion is related to both direct effects on prolactin-producing cells, or indirectly, by stimulating the release of the
    inhibitory factor of production – PIF (Prolacting Factor Inhibitors). Inhibition of prolactin secretion results in a rapid cessation of lactation and decrease the size of the mammary gland.
    Mode of use
    The contents of a syringe (300 g) of easy dry in the day of entry into dry and, if necessary, repeat the administration the next day